How to capture OVFTool logs to troubleshoot Client Support Plugin issues in vCloud Director

Follow the steps given below to capture OVFTool logs:

  1. Open vCD UI in browser by adding ?debug=true at the end. For example see URL:
  2. Now reproduce the issue
  3. Collect the client logs from the client machine. If client machine is windows, then the logs will be at following location:
    1. %TEMP%\VMwareClientSupportPlugin\
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Lenovo Superfish

Just wanted to give you a heads up that if you or friends/family are looking to buy a new computer you may want to steer clear of Lenovo. They are installing a trusted certificate so they can see (MiTM) all your traffic so they can target you with ads better. But they are doing this for every site you visit, including your bank so who knows what information they can see.

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