Upgrading VC 6.0 to a higher version

I was in the process of upgrading VC 6.0 EP01 to 6.0 U1 when I realized that the process to perform this same version upgrade was not the same.  I did quite a bit of hunting for the specific info on how to do this, so I figure I would save people some time and publish the link here.



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How to capture OVFTool logs to troubleshoot Client Support Plugin issues in vCloud Director

Follow the steps given below to capture OVFTool logs:

  1. Open vCD UI in browser by adding ?debug=true at the end. For example see URL: https://xx.xxx.xxx.xx/cloud/?debug=true
  2. Now reproduce the issue
  3. Collect the client logs from the client machine. If client machine is windows, then the logs will be at following location:
    1. %TEMP%\VMwareClientSupportPlugin\
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